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HAVIT Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Black) [ 2016 Model ]

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  • In my opinion when it comes to shopping around for a gaming keyboard most people want to put their money in the brand. I don’t think this is needed since almost every keyboard has the same button layout except for some macro keys like some Steel Series have. As far as Razer keyboards go all you really pay for is the brand. Now getting a Razer mouse would be a different story since they have some of the most high quality gaming mice out there! 😉

    You never really see any gaming keyboards at this price that have the look and feel that the Azio Levetron has. They offer a 2-year warranty for just about $1.80 more, but I can tell you that this keyboard would last quite a long time.

  • This keyboard would be a great asset to your PC gaming build for 2015! A quality gaming keyboard should always have a Windows start key lock and a multi-key rollover feature. This keyboard has those features and then some!

    The is the best cheap gaming keyboard that I could find that had awesome reviews. You can’t beat the slickness that Azio delivers on the Levetron keyboard. The reason why I think it’s the best cheap one is because it comes with unique features and a unique look.

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  • When shopping for the best cheap gaming keyboard you have to keep overall product reviews in mind as well as your personal preference for your PC battle station.

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The Roccat Skeltr gaming keyboard and companion application work together to allow you to connect both your smartphone and keyboard together using Bluetooth technology, enabling your phone to be used as a second screen.