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Disney's Jake and the Never Land Pirates Shark Ship by Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price Jake and The Neverland Pirates - Jake's Pirate Adventure Bucky

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  • Fisher Price Jake And The Neverland Pirates Super Creature Whale Adventure: Evil Dr. Undergear has created a mechanical whale and has set off from the land to the deep seas to steal Captain Jake's treasuresInspired by Dr. Undergear's Creature Creations, this monstrous playset has cool, steampunk mechanical styling and 6 different activities that can be played on both land and sea: on your floor or in your tubOn land, push the spout and the whale's mouth chomps opened and closedRoll the whale along and the fins spin as the tail flapsIn your tub or shower, pour water into the spout and press down to make the whale sputter water out of his mouthThe treasure chest also doubles as a water scoopPlace Captain Jake on top of the whale and attach his hands to the rope harness so he can ride the whaleSlide Captain Jake down the back of the whale to send him off into the depthsCollect water in the treasure chest cup and pour water down the slide, in the whale's mouth and at the top of the spout for added deep sea playThe treasure chest fits in the whale's mouth for safe keeping

    Fisher Price Jake And The Neverland Pirates Chomping Shark Sword: Captain Jake is battling a brand new villain, so he needs a special new swordThis shark-shaped sword has a special chomping action for battling Never Sea villainsSqueeze the trigger in the handle to make the shark's jaws chomp open and closedThe chomping action has a mechanical "crunch" sound when the jaws clamp open and shut

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