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  • When choosing your infant’s first solid foods, opt for healthy, fresh, homemade foods that are enjoyed by the rest of your family. For example, an infant’s first food could be puréed brown rice mixed with breastmilk, mashed avocado, stewed pears or meat purée, to name just a few. Once your baby has tolerated and enjoys eating a few of these foods, introduce more allergenic foods, one at a time.

    I’m gathering information for a post about what and when to feed baby’s first foods, but I want to hear from you first. When did you begin to give your baby solid foods? What were his/her first solid foods? If you’ve written about the topic, feel free to leave your link(s)!

  • Bananas are unlikely to be allergenic, and their soft texture and sweet flavor make them very palatable for baby. Mashed bananas are an excellent choice for baby's very first solid foods.

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