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  • The release of the first Call of Duty came at a turning point. As always, these moments are easier to pinpoint looking backwards. Nintendo had ceased production of the NES and SNES worldwide, since new consoles were on the horizon - the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 - and it was a world that Call of Duty would go on to dominate.

    The show followed the championship match where the four-man squad of Team EnVyUs took down Europe’s top entry, Splyce, in the final. The winner’s take as the first Call of Duty World League Champion? They split an $800,000 check out of a total $2 million purse--EnVyUs indeed.

  • Originally positioned as a direct competitor to EA's Medal of Honor, the first Call of Duty was similarly based in World War II. But where Medal of Honor would focus on the heroics of a single US soldier, Call of Duty expanded the focus to capture a startling sense of global conflict, putting you in the worn war-boots of American, British and Russian soldiers. The multiple viewpoint narrative has become a theme of Call of Duty, and while the original may seem positively conservative when compared to today's bombast, many of CoD's cinematic staples can be traced back to the first game. Call of Duty was well received by critics, and both its campaign and multiplayer set a solid basis for a video game series that would become one of the most successful entertainment franchises in the entire world.

    On Sunday 7th August, Call of Duty clans across the UK will fight for the privilege of representing Britain’s best at the first ever Call of Duty XP fan celebration in Los Angeles, California on 2nd-3rd September, 2011.

  • Jackal Assault, the first Call of Duty VR experience, will be available for free for PlayStation 4 players when Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launches, Activision revealed today.

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