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Watch our video review of the Air Storm Firetek Bow from Zing Toys and all will be clear -

Zing Air Storm Fire Tek Bow, Green

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  • TAG : That’s because the Firetek bow and arrow set light up.
  • The Firetek set comes with 3 whistling “bullet” type arrows, as opposed, to the one suction cup arrow (along with 2 bullet arrows) included with the Z-tek arrow set. Don’t worry, you won’t miss the suction cup arrow. Besides, all the arrows work with both bows, so you’re good that way.

    All it really took was one look at the FireTek Bow and the boys were practically drooling over the box. I mean, seriously, the packaging pretty much screams awesome from the start.

  • We decided to head outside where we would have room to put the FireTek Bow to the test. My first impression of the bow: it is lightweight and easy to handle, even for my 4 year old. Using it is simple, hook the arrows into the fast load loops, pull back and let them fly! In just seconds my 7 year old and my 4 year old were loading arrows and sending them screaming into the air, just a blur of red across the yard. I am really impressed by how well this toy can hold up to a couple of boys!

    We took the new bow and arrow, along with the Z-Tek bow, out to a field by our house. When I tell you, we were sending those suckers flying, we we’re sending them flying. We all took turns chasing them down. After a while, though, we smartened up and took positions on opposite ends of the field, then fired them at will at each other.

    Courses Course Title Units
    Firetek 027 Wildland Firefighter 4
    Firetek 096 Emergency Medical Technician 8
    Firetek 206 Hazardous Materials 3
    Firetek 208 Fire Hydraulics 3
    Firetek 209 Fire Fighting Tactics and Strategy 3
    Firetek 213 Fire Investigation 3

  • Courses Course Title Units
    Firetek 096 Emergency Medical Technician 8
    Firetek 201 Fire Protection Organization 3
    Firetek 202 Fire Prevention 3
    Firetek 206 Hazardous Materials I 3
    Firetek 208 Fire Hydraulics 3
    Firetek 209 Fire Tactics and Strategy I 3
    Firetek 213 Fire Investigation 3

    With all the fun we’ve been having this toy has quickly made it’s way to the top of my Holiday list (and not just for the kids either, ahem) – and I’m not the only one. The Air Storm FireTek Bow is on as well as the.

Check out a video of the boys playing with the FireTek bow:

I am sometimes at a loss on what to get for the older kids. For me, it is always simpler to shop for holiday gifts for the little ones. I was so excited when we received the Zing Air Storm Firetek Bow to review. It’s a hot new toy that made the Walmart Chosen by Kids Top 20 Toys List this year, and it’s geared towards kids ages eight and up. About A Mom has partnered with Walmart for a sponsored series to share this holiday season’s top toys.