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Empoleon can also learn these attacks by Technical Machines.

Pokemon - Empoleon (38/162) - XY BREAKthrough - Holo

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  • In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Empoleon was my go-to monster. Together we conquered the world! With its wicked water moves and awesome design, we pwned every poor Pokémon that was foolish enough to stand between us and Victory Road. While the other Generation IV starters are pretty cool too (especially the monkey Pokémon, Chimchar), for me, Empoleon takes the cake. After all, he's a freaking penguin. A penguin, I say! I mean, seriously, how cool is that? – AUDREY

    The first Pokémon Video Game World Championships inspired the Sinnoh Classic, so many Trainers may have looked at the results to find inspiration for their teams. But neither the winning team from the 2008 Senior Division World Championships of Smeargle, Bronzong, Snorlax, and Metagross or the 2009 Senior Division World Championships team of Ludicolo, Salamence, Snorlax, Metagross, Toxicroak, and Empoleon had many representatives among the twelve most common Pokémon in the Sinnoh Classic.

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    Our next batch of PokéPla Kits close off the world of Johto and bring us to Sinnoh. Kits 06-08 are the trio of starters: Empoleon Evolution Set, Infernape Evolution Set, and Torterra Evolution Set. Each set, as always, comes with the three stages of that region's starters, as well as a useless Pikachu, one of which my girlfriend turned into a pirate. These are plastic model kits. They require no glue, but the pieces are not pre-painted. All details are applied via stickers, or you have the option to paint them in yourself. This review is done using the stickers provided. The box shows models that are fully painted. Each kit is incredibly easy to assemble, as the line is made for new model builders and children. Each kit retails for ¥760, about $10 before shipping costs. These are of course Japanese in origin, and not available at US retail. They can be found at Japanese retailers like AmiAmi or HLJ. They can also be found for retail (or below) price at eBay using the search terms "Pokemon Plamo."
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    No matter what Pokemon you pick in the beginning, your rival has your weakness. Guaranteed. In this case using Piplup will put you up against Turtwig. When Turtwig fully evolves it becomes grass and ground type, but only ground is super effective against Piplup when it fully evolves into Empoleon (water & steel type).


  • Datos básicos Nombres Esfuerzo y Crianza
    Altura:1.7 m.
    Peso:84.5 kg.
    Esfuerzo:+3 SAtt
    Grupos:Agua 1 | Campo
    Género: 87.5% | 12.5%
    Habilidades Normales Habilidad Especial
    67 Torrente 128 Competitivo
    Línea Evolutiva
    Nivel 16 Nivel 36
    393 Piplup »»»»» 394 Prinplup »»»»» 395 Empoleon

    Pokédex entry for #395 empoleon containing stats, moves learned, evolution chain, location and more!. Diamond/pearl level up level attack name type cat. att. acc. pp effect % — tackle: 35: 95: 35--a physical attack in which the user charges and slams into the foe.

infernape, torterra, or empoleon?

In , Empoleon is used in Platinum's next Gym battle and faces 's . Empoleon manages to win by freezing its with Blizzard, which spread to Drifblim and froze it. She then fought and lost quickly due to its illusion powers. In , when Platinum goes to find her kidnapped father, she uses Empoleon against the Gym Leader , who she believed to be the perpetrator. Empoleon manages to damage Byron's two but is defeated by a attack.