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He invoked the spirit of his mother; he brought together an assembly of elves and goblins.

The Light of Asteria: Kailmeyra's Last Hope (Kailmeyra, #1)

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  • Other potential cases of night elves giving themselves over to include the , who could just as easily be the literal children of the . These "children" are the and , who bear the upper bodies of night elven men and women (respectively). The related are the bastard offspring of Cenarius' eldest son and the princess , but they do not bear much resemblance to the night elves and look closer to humans.

    Another race of elves has arisen on the face of Azeroth: the half-elves, the hybrid descendants of and high elves. Reports of half-night elves exist, but most of these would be in their infancy, given the recent rediscovery of Kalimdor. There is one half-kaldorei — — but her parentage is unknown. It is not certain if there are any half-blood elves, as the high elves (and their blood elven survivors) were prejudiced against half-elves, so there wouldn't be any initiated into blood-elvendom and the chances of a blood elf mating with a human, especially after their removal from the Alliance and joining the Horde, are slim to none.

  • Other perversions of the elven species include the and . The are the remnants of those Highborne who were trapped in the implosion of the Well of Eternity but who survived by mutating into horrific beasts. They retained their immortality and dwelt beneath the great , though they were reawakened by in the wake of the and are now bent upon reclaiming the land, attacking any night elves they find. Similarly, the feral harpies attack anyone they see, being brutal cannibals. These bird women are descended from the night elves, though their origins are not clear: some say that they were cursed by Azshara while others say that they "gave themselves over" to Aviana, the bird demigoddess, suggesting that their violence is derived from their lost "mother."

    While they cannot be said to be separate races, the undead and spectral remnants of the elves — members of the as well as numerous , , and — haunt those lands that they once occupied in life.

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    • 1 History
      • 1.1 Awakening
      • 1.2 Sundering
      • 1.3 Exile of the Noldor
      • 1.4 Battles of Beleriand
      • 1.5 Salvation of the Elves
      • 1.6 Decline of the Elves
    • 2 Life and Customs of the Elves
    • 3 Arts, Crafts, Powers and Magic
    • 4 Languages
    • 5 Inspiration
      • 5.1 Germanic influence
      • 5.2 Celtic influence
      • 5.3 Eschatology
      • 5.4 Fairies
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    Such a claim is not new — some of the quel'dorei, prior to the War of the Ancients, aligned themselves with the Burning Legion. They became the demonic, caprine , mockeries of the elven form who feast upon magical energies to sustain their otherwise immortal lives.

Hope you like this Elves HD wallpaper as much as we do!

With industrialisation and mass education, traditional folklore about elves waned, but as the phenomenon of popular culture emerged, elves were reimagined, in large part on the basis of Romantic literary depictions and associated medievalism.