Electrical Outlet Covers - 3 pack $9.99

Safety 1st Electrical Wall Outlet Cover

1 Shabby Chic Rose Electrical Outlet Covers Vintage Metal Hardware Wall Decor Plug Plate. $12.00, via Etsy.

Mommy's Helper Outlet Plugs, 36 Count

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  • Learn how to install electrical outlet plate covers in this free video series that will ensure that your child stays safe in every room of your house, including your bedroom.

    We hope this opened your eyes to some of the new possibilities in electrical outlet covers. Whether it’s for safety or convenience, these can be extremely helpful to make your home more comfortable.

  • I read with a skeptical eye the column by Joe Cook, “Georgia Woefully Unprepared for Natural Gas Exploration,” on Monday. Let’s not throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water when we analogize natural gas extraction with electrical outlet covers and child safety locks.

    Sometimes HomeFixated article inspiration comes from odd places. Take this article for example. Allow me to share some embarrassing details of my past and at the same time possibly contribute to construction, home-improvement and household safety at the same time. It all has to do with my formerly failed love life, screws, and electrical outlet covers. Just to set your mind at ease, the love life was not directly related to the outlet covers. And, in a rare moment of civility on HomeFixated, I’ll leave the screwing related jokes to you (just this time).

    Our decorative electrical outlet covers are available for single, double, triple and quad duplex outlets and feature brilliant details, durable construction and a perfect fit. Choose from a large selection of outlet cover plates wonderfully designed in a variety of styles.

  • It’s important to keep electrical outlets covered outside, but standard outdoor outlet covers don’t always protect as well as they should. For example, if it starts raining while something is plugged in, the outlet is pretty exposed. That’s why these types of outdoor outlet covers are ideal. They allow you to still maintain protection from the elements, even while something is plugged into the outlet. This is especially important if you have something plugged in on a regular or semi-regular basis.

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If your outlet is currently in use - simple remove the plug(s) from the outlet, place the electrical outlet cover over the outlet and firmly insert the plug(s) back into the outlet through the perforations in the outlet cover.