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Pillow Pets Dream Lites - Blue Camo Dog 11"

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  • Your tiny fan adores the Colorado Rockies, and there's nothing that makes you more proud! Light up your kiddo's night with this Colorado Rockies Dream Lights pillow pet. It features a 20-minute sleep timer option, so it'll shut off on its own while he's fast asleep.

    Dream light pillow pets cast a beautiful glow on your child’s bedroom ceiling at night so they can fall asleep to view a wonderful image instead of a traditional night light.

  • Ordered this in their website and got it after 5 days but when received it was defective – no light. We called several times for replacement and sent in the mail return shipping label. After more than 2 weeks we received the replacement last Thursday 07/19/12. WE opened it today 7/22/12 put 3AAA batteries still another defective dream light pillow pet. I am so frustrated with this my 6 yrs old daughter is crying now why this product is always broke. I will call them again to return this for the 2nd time. Its frustrating. Don’t buy “made in china” full of BS! Crop

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