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  • Nowadays web space is full of flash games. Many of them are fake and some of them do not work properly. Because all of these reasons, I have decided to introduce you the best types of games, which you are able to find on websites, and the name of the genre is Disney Frozen Games. In 2013 Disney Land Productions released brand new animated cartoon movie called FROZEN. In my opinion this cartoon movie is the best one in Disney Land Production history. Do not judge me, because players from all over the world like to play these kind of flash games. First I want to talk more about the Frozen games, and generally what does it include. Imagine, any kind of game, where snow, freeze or ice is the main subject or has some kind of play in the game, exactly we try to give our audience these kind of multifunctional games. If you love extreme and cold, I think that these ones should be especially for you! You will find yourself alone in the temperature below zero, so your main aims will be to overcome those challenges and take a victory over other players. In my opinion the best Disney games are about Elsa. Elsa is an animated characters, so it means that animators and creators from all over the world create and develop Elsa Games. For example my favourite one is Elsa Frozen Dessert Triffle. This game is played by more than 1 million regular players from all over the world almost every day. Flash game is formatted into 3D. Your main aim will be to cook and overcome some challenges alone in the yard below zero temperature. So you should really hurry up and score as many points as you can in the short period of time. First steps are to pour some water, gelatin , sugar and some kind of vinegars in the sauce pan. After doing all of these steps, You will be able to overcome the level, and you will be given other tasks and challenges to overcome. By the way Frozen games are well known in any part of the world. I have been playing these kind of games since childhood, so it means that I know every website, which gives audience flash games about frozen and freezing. I made a decision that these websites are no good enough to take a high pleasure of it, after watching them I have decided to create the best for only for you. We offer high quality and 100 % working frozen flash games almost every day. The main part is that you will be able to play them for FREE. this one is especially for you! Do not lose the time, I will not go on anymore, because I guess that you want to play Frozen games and take high pleasure of it!

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  • 1 – Disney Frozen themed Game Board
    4 – Double-sided Kingdom of Arendelle Slide Tiles
    4 – Token Game Pieces – Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf
    4 – Disney Frozen Game Piece Bases
    1 – Colored Frozen Themed Game Spinner
    1 – Surprise Slides Game Rules Sheet

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  • Disney Frozen Party Game includes poster, blindfold (with elastic string), and 8 carrots.
    It’s just like ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’…only COOLER! Fun for 2 to 8 players

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It looks like Sven finally got a hold of that carrot. Hang up a Disney Frozen Party Game and help Olaf get his nose back! This package gives you a 37.5" by 24.5" poster of Olaf sitting in front of Elsa and Anna on a grassy mountain. Slip on the paper blindfold and use the eight carrot stickers to replace his missing sniffer! Whoever comes closest to where it should be wins. A great addition to any Frozen birthday.