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  • Buy the 2 disc Essential Dinosaur Pack DVD set for nearly eight hours of dino fun as you watch the prehistoric creatures come to life on your television screen.

    The Essential Dinosaur Pack DVD set features, for the first time, all of Discovery Channel's exciting dinosaur programs on a 2 disc set! From the groundbreaking discoveries in to the intriguing possibilities of , travel back to prehistoric times for an up-close look at these fascinating creatures.

  • Watch the Essential Dinosaur DVD Pack and follow paleontologist Jack Horner as he unearths a mystery at record pace. In a single summer he has found the skeletons of five T. Rex dinosaurs in the arid badlands of Montana. Learn how the remains of these legendary creatures are teaching Horner a very unexpected lesson.

    The beast, has fascinated Horner since he uncovered the Wankel T-Rex in the early '90s. It was an amazing scientific find as this was the first T-Rex discovered with arms intact. In the dinosaurs DVD, shockingly, these stumpy arms wouldn't allow T-Rex to grasp his own hands together, let alone scoop up prey. Horner's deep in the scientific process. A process he says is a constant revision of beliefs. He and fellow detectives are scrutinizing T-Rex's arms, large olfactory lobes, tiny eye sockets and unique teeth for insight into the creature's lifestyle. Each new fossil provides wisdom into whether he was a ferocious predator or an opportunistic scavenger. We accompany the paleontologist to remote dig sites, accessible only by helicopter, to labs where the fossils are prepared and studied, and to the museums where the skeletal remains are displayed. Each step of the way, Horner opens our eyes to the T-Rex that could've been.

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  • Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs DVD

    Follow paleontologist Jack Horner as he is unearthing a mystery — at a record pace — finding five T-Rex dinosaurs in a single summer and is hot on the trail of more. He discovers clues, in these dinosaurs DVDs, in the arid badlands of Montana. Opening the fossil record to determine what it reveals about the fearsome legend, Tyrannosaurus Rex. Visit the "Valley of the T-Rex," which is a fossil hunter's mecca where more T-Rex skeletons have been uncovered than any other place on earth. Here evidence can be found of the lost world where horned Triceratops faced off to survive against Ornitholestes, and duckbill dinosaurs fell prey to T-Rex. Not only does Horner find more excellent specimens in this extremely remote location, but he also uncovers additional evidence that leads him to question the conventional theories of T-Rex behavior. Has the Tyrant Lizard King got a bad rap? Time and erosion is wearing away the mountains and revealing hidden treasures once buried beneath millions of years of soil and sediment. Leaving behind bones. Big T-Rex bones. And what they're suggesting to Horner, is an unexpected image of a creature we thought we knew...

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Buy a Dinosaurs Collection DVD, which is a thrilling collection of information from an in-depth analysis of the search for the T-Rex to the Dino lab, where scientists bring flesh and blood dinosaurs to life, while they run experiments to discover their secrets. Valley of the T-Rex: