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  • Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is set two years after the fourth iteration of the series and follows each of the game’s characters along their individual storylines, which eventually begin to intersect as the Dead or Alive Tournament draws closer. The game seats you with a variety of characters as they follow their own path to the DOA Tournament in a number of chapters, where you’ll fight opponents as you progress through the non-linear story that feels out of context until you get about five or six chapters (and about 25 fights) into the game.

    In the Fight menus, you’ll find a series of modes to tickle just about any fighting enthusiast’s fancy. Versus mode is pretty self-explanatory, offering up solo or tag team play. Arcade mode is essentially a challenge tower mode that offers up the most straightforward and enjoyable experience. Time Attack pits you against the clock to finish the game as quickly as possible. Survival Mode pits you against a never ending onslaught of enemies to see how long you can survive for. And finally there’s Team Fight, a Royal Rumble style match-up that allows you to pit up to seven players against an opposing seven, where the winner is the team left standing. Training Modes, including the Combo Challenge, makes its debut on the console version from the PS Vita’s Dead or Alive 5 Plus, for those who need to hone their skills before taking the fight online in DOA5’s ranked or lobby (unranked) matches. We did find that online matches were far and few between, which is unfortunate, as online play is a staple in arcade fighters nowadays.

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    Dead or Alive 5 makes its way back to the console with the new Ultimate edition. Featuring new content and additional features from the Vita version, DOA5 Ultimate offers the most complete experience yet. But is it enough to stand out amongst the rest of the arcade fighters that have launched this year?

  • Dead or Alive 5 Plus
    Developer(s) Team Ninja
    (in partnership with Sega AM2)
    Publisher(s) Tecmo Koei
    Series Dead or Alive
    Platform(s) PlayStation Vita
    Release date(s)
    • NA: March 19, 2013[1]
    • EU: March 22, 2013[2]
    • JP: March 20, 2013
    Genre(s) Fighting game

    Tecmo Koei’s, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round will soon be getting another star cross-over character, as King of Fighters icon Mai Shiranui dives onto the scene on September 13. Tecmo Koei released a new trailer today that displays some of the Lady Ninja’s fighting skills–along with her cheerleader outfit.

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Games need not be disappointed though, as those who are registered to the Beta of "Dead or Alive 5 Last Round," will be given instructions by the developer on how to play the game even when the online functionality is missing.