70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace is a from the released in .

Protect Emmet and Wyldstyle in the colorful Cloud Cuckoo Palace!

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LEGO Movie 70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace

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  • Śledzik czyli Dronka oraz Kicia Rożek – duet wybuchowy, tak więc serdecznie zachęcam do (psychodelicznego!) zestawu 70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace.

    I NEED this Lego Cloud Cuckoo Palace. We are massive Lego Movie Fans in this house and I reckon there will be a lot of requests for The Lego Movie, Lego sets this Christmas. Let me tell you that this is the cheapest I have seen this, at only £13.49 from Tesco Direct. It sells for £17.97 at Asda Direct and £17.99 at Smyths. You can also get it from John Lewis for £13.49, if that suits you better.

  • It's suitable for children aged seven to fourteen, and comes with instructions to make the Cloud Cuckoo Palace. This would be a great addition to any other The Lego Movie, Lego sets. Ideally, I'd love to build the whole city, just like Will Ferrell in the movie.

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    The LEGO Movie Cloud Cuckoo Palace (70803)

    You can click and collect The Lego Movie Cloud Cuckoo Palace for FREE from your local Tesco store, or from John Lewis/ Waitrose if you wish to purchase it from there.

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One of my favourite parts of this set is the sun, which is attached to a transparent rod of sorts and can be swiveled back and forth. It serves to balance out the entire set in tandem with giving Cloud Cuckoo Palace an even more vivid sunny flavour. The two rounded plates on the right can be twirled lazily thanks to a gear mechanism present behind the scenes. From an interactive point of view, it’s a fairly average play feature but one that works extremely well to give the entire set a dynamic, always-in-motion feel which you will recall from The LEGO Movie.