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Crystal Power (Llewellyn's PSI-TECH series)

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  • Step 7: Enter the destination server name that CrystalTech provided wen creating your database. Also, select your database and enter the user name and password that you created in Step 2. Click Next.

    After uploading your application via the FTP server to CrystalTech, the next step is to deploy your Microsoft SQL Server database on the CrystalTech hosting server.

  • Step 12: Finally, in the CrystalTech Menu, click on Site and note the IP Address in the Site Overview section. You can import your Iron Speed Designer application via an FTP client, such as Filezilla, with the information from the Site Overview, such as IP Address and Domain/FTP login user name and password provided by CrystalTech.

    First, upload your Iron Speed Designer application using the FTP client on the CrystalTech hosting server. You should receive the user name and password in the mail once you are registered on CrystalTech.

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  • Shenzhen Crystal Technology Electronics Co. Ltd recently released its latest series of surface-mount quartz crystals oscillators that operates within the 3.2MHz to 70MHz frequency range and comes with a shunt capacitance of 7pF (max.).

    The HC-49 oscillators feature a frequency tolerance of ±30ppm, TCR of ±30ppm, aging of ±5ppm/year (max.), insulation resistance of 500 megohms (min.) and drive level of 0.1mW (min.).

    The new products operate between the -10°C and 60°C temperature range.

    The Crystal Tech Fund is a $50 million fund managed by Singh’s, which was. They invest in post-seed startups who have traction and revenue averaging $1 million per year. The fund aims to fill the gap between seed funding and Series A investment – part of the Series A crunch – with investments of $250,000 to $1 million.

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