Global Cotton Pads Market Research Report 2016

1.4 Cotton Pads Market by Region

Fromm 2.4-Inch Standard Cotton Squares - 160-piece (DEE033)

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  • I pay about $3-4 for the round/oval cotton pads, come in a roll of 80-100. The organic ones are up to $5 for only 100. Most of these really suck for the heavy-makeup users. And they're quite small (even for asian eyes like mine). On the days I have heavy eye shadow, Too-Faced Better Than Sex mascara, and also brow shadow, I'd use two pads. So one roll will last 1-2 months max.

    This Quo luxury pack is about $5 (sale) to $7 (original price) for 165 pads. They're also bigger and stronger, so 1 pad clears my heavy eye-makeup. With daily use, I could go for 5-6 months.

    The Shiseido pads are $11 in Canada, so only a few dollars more. They are softer and more luxurious.

    So for me, personally, I am LOVING the Quo luxury pads!! They're comfy, soft, and thicker than oval cotton pads. One pad can soak a lot of olive oil (which is what I use to remove eye makeup). Feels amazing coming from a long history of oval cotton pads.

    Quo luxury cotton pads are remarkably resembles to the Shiseido cotton pads. The shape, size and the packaging are almost identical. And both of them are 165 pads in three stacks. But Quo's are not as soft as the Shiseido. There is minor different between their quality. I would prob repurchase them again when they are on sale.

  • A cotton pad. The simple, humble cotton pad. Up until recently I didn't put too much thought into the quality of them. As a matter fact, I bought them at the dollar store because why would I spend more than a dollar on cotton rounds then THESE.

    I bought them because I am an optimum point hoarder and they had a 20x the points incentive. At $7.50, a considerable markup from my usual. So worth it. They are divine. I use less product and didn't realize just how scratchy a cheapie cotton round could be. Love the square shape. They are soft, yo! They don't leave leftover fluff and maintain their shape and don't disintegrate.

    I ran out and have just repurchased. Only gave four stars on account of the price is just a scootch too much for me to be five star pleased...but I'll never go back to dollar store cotton pads again.

    Cotton pads,or facial Cotton , are pads made of which are used for or purposes. For medical purposes, cotton pads are used to stop or prevent from minor punctures such as or . They may be secured in place with . Cotton pads are also used in the application and the removal of . Cotton pads are soft enough that they can be used to clean . Cotton pads also come in the form of cotton balls, which basically serve the same purpose, in a different shape.

  • Cotton pads were first invented around the early 1970s. The first patents for the invention date from 1973, claimed as a new invention for and cleaning and a substitute for . The standard pad was round and 2 1/4 inches (57mm) in diameter. It became widely used, and by the mid-1980s, its sales had exceeded those of cotton swab in . In the 1990s, new variants in the standard pad emerged as the number of suppliers rapidly increased due to demand. Cotton pads and cotton balls are used with for that purpose.

4.1 Global Cotton Pads Consumption by Regions (2011-2016)

Cotton sieve cleaners or Plan sifter Cotton Pads are used for cleaning application. The right choice of sieve cleaner is essential for good shifting performance. These Plansifter Cotton Pads are