Terraria - How to stop corruption Terraria HERO

Terraria - How to stop corruption Terraria HERO

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Terraria Corruption Biome Pack

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  • From the video, the difference in aesthetic from the original game can be seen in a darker, more sci-fi feel, as opposed to Terraria's traditional fantasy RPG setting. The dark colors of the world are reminiscent of the corruption in Terraria, and are the result of Otherworld being overrun by a "malevolent force that has corrupted nature itself.".

    In Dead Space, the "Corruption" is described as an environment changer, but it hasn't been shown affecting an organic environment. The creatures inhabiting the Corruption in Terraria look like they are rotting, almost as though they have been constructed from corpses. This is because they have. Non-Corruption enemies, as well as the deaths of the player and the NPCs, provide the materials required for Necromorphs.

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