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Xbox One Wireless Controller

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  • Microsoft will be launching its high-end in October for $149.99, and Razer recently announced its own gamepad for the console, , that will have the same price. Now another company, PowerA, has just announced it will release the FUSION Pro Controller for the Xbox One. It will have a number of high-end features but only cost $79.99.

    # # – Xbox Design Labs controllers begin shipping out to customers : If you pre-ordered one of Microsoft’s new Xbox Design Labs controllers for your Xbox One, you’ll be pleased to know that the first batch of them has started shipping out. Microsoft announced today that those who pre-ordered should receive their controllers in early September, so if that’s you, check your email to see if yours has shipped.

  • Our Xbox One modded controllers feature a processor twice as fast as on the Xbox 360 chip and an increased memory capacity that allows to make upgrades and install new options once they become available. Next-gen modding technology and a redesigned chip make our modded controllers for Xbox One 100% online undetectable.

    Microsoft invested over $100 million into refining the controller design for the Xbox One; internal designers had created prototypes with various tweaks and refinements to the design over the , along with those including unorthodox features such as embedded screens and speakers (which were rejected due to their effects on battery life, and redundancy to the main display and sound system), and the ability to emit odors.

  • Of course there’s always the original black Wireless Controller for Xbox One which will cost you $54.99. That’s if you’re not concerned with the coloring of the device you’re holding to control the game. No worries for you!

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