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Diono Radian R100 Convertible Car Seat, Stone

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  • So I got a message from Amazon today, that the Combi Cocorro I purchased 1.5 years ago has a recall at least as of Jul 29, 2016; it's recent in case you haven't seen it:

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    The Combi USA Cocorro Convertible Car Seat weighs only 11 pounds and is lightweight, compact, and very portable. The compact design accommodates smaller, fuel efficient vehicles and allows up to 3 seats across the rear seat of most vehicles. The 5-point harness with chest clip offers a one pull harness adjustment. The Tru-Safe Buckle and rear/forward facing lock offs are great features. The Tru-Safe Side Impact Protection and removable Mommy's Lap insert are unique features setting this convertible apart from most of the competition. .

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    Combi Cocorro in strollers...

    I just got my Cocorro and since I don't have a baby this weekend to try the seat out it was still inside. I decided to see if it would fit in my Quattro Tour. It fits perfectly! It is in pretty solid too. I would be perfectly happy using this combo even though the seat and the stroller aren't made to go together. and the "seat locks" on the stroller lock and hole the Cocorro in place even more!

    and a not so wonderful cell phone picture...

    so I would love to know what other strollers would work with the Cocorro. If you have one and a stroller it would be cool to see pics.
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Combi All-in-One Entertainer Walker - Black Police Car

We bought the Combi Cocorro in brown for our twins. We wanted a convertable seat that was going to last us a while and so we didn't have to carry infant carriers around all the time because with 2 babies, how is that even possible without exhausting yourself?

The colors are outstanding and so cute compared to some other strollers that come in plain ol' black and grey and brown colors, but at the same time, the colors are soooo light that any child would be able to stain them up very quickly...which is why we bought boring ol' brown.

They are very comfortable looking and my babes seem to agree. They never complain when being put in them and fall asleep easily. Aside from being cute, they are also functional. Normal sized baby seats don't fit well in the backseats of our car (a 2007 Hyundai Elantra) so we had to look for some smaller ones, especially since we already had one in a car seat already! These fit perfectly. I guess I wish they were maybe just a *tad* bit smaller so my chair would recline a bit more, but everybody is a safe distance from airbags (and they wouldn't be if we had any other carseat)! They can be a bit tricky learning how to snap the bottom buckles, but now that we use them, I wish ALL carseats were made that way. It also comes with shoulder straps unlike a lot of other carseats that don't.

My biggest con about them is the price. For such a small carseat, they have quite a big price.