Some of the features of our BushBaby Child Carriers:

NEW!! EXPLORER Toddler Carrier: Standing Child Carrier with Adult & Child Hydration, Storage and Safety Harness (2 Color Choices)

Ergonomic Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers - 3 Carrying Positions - 100% Cotton Machine Washable! High Quality Adjustable Baby Sling Carrier - Makes the Perfect Baby Shower Gift!

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  • The Piggy Back Rider was designed with your child’s safety in mind. The innovative child carrier includes a child harness, hand hold straps, a wide foot for added stability and a sternum slider. Designed for use with kids who are 2.5 to 7 years old (or up to 60 lbs), the Piggy Back Rider is a great way to take your favorite little one along with your for fun adventures. Whether you are hiking on a trail or simply running your errands while walking through town, the Piggy Back Rider is a comfortable and easy way to take you child along for the ride.

    The Piggy Back Rider folds into the size of a towel for easy storage and for carrying when not in use, and is a fun alternative to bulkier child carriers and strollers. It features a streamlined, unisex design and gives kids a fun new perspective, by allowing them to stand up tall while elevated to your height with a secure harness. The simplicity, ease of use and safety features found in the Piggyback Rider make it a wonderful choice for new parents or for those who could use a fun new way to transport their child.

  • The Piggy Back Rider Standing Child Carrier is a unique way to transport your child. Featuring a lightweight, safe design, the Piggyback Rider replaces bulky child carriers of the past, allowing for equal weight distribution on the adult’s back. The result? A natural, upright walking position for you, and a comfortable, fun ride for your child.

    When it comes to easy use and storage, the Piggy Back Rider can’t be beat. The highly portable child carrier comes with a convertible multifunction carrying bag, making it the most portable, compact, durable and lightweight child carrier available. Weighing less than 3 lbs when folded, the Piggy Back Rider can be used easily by either parent and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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    It’s tough to choose a child carrier when there are so many different options are out there. Those who want something a little bit different will not be disappointed by the Piggy Back Rider. The safety features, lightweight design and mutual comfort and fun that the Piggy Back Rider provides makes it a popular choice for gift giving, as it’s something that every couple can use. From those who need something for long walks through the park, to those who just need an easier way to transport their child through the grocery store, the Piggy Back Rider is a simple option that makes sense when it comes to having good, safe fun with your child.

Bell Sports 7070598 Super Shell 3-in-1 Rear Child Carrier Teal Blue.

is the progenitor of child backpack carriers, and they have remained at the cutting edge of this niche. is great for backpackers, climbers, and day hikers that want plenty of storage space. Equipped with 1300 cubic inches of storage, spaced out over four zippered pockets (including a zip-off backpack), this backpack also comes with a changing pad and rain and sun shade. The waist straps and sliding torso adjusters make this pack transition smoothly (and quickly) between wearers of varying sizes, which came in handy for our family, since both my husband and I carried our little guy equally (but are NOT equally sized).