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  • At the end of spring/beginning of summer my son got a new bike and helmet. We went into Toys R Us to make sure we picked out a bike that he liked, that he could pedal well for his height, and matching a bike helmet to the best extent possible. My son really liked this bike that was mostly silver, but had some black and red on it as well. Then he went over with me to look at the helmets. My son has a bigger head so we were looking at the 5 and older helmets even though he was about to turn 4 at the time. I showed him several that would match his bike. Without hesitation he said he wanted the Cars Helmet with Lightning McQueen. So that was the one he got.

    The Bellino Race Cars Toddler Helmet is a True. Fit helmet that has a unique, 1-step, self-adjusting fit system that allows for correct fit every time. It has eight top vents to keep little heads extra cool. Hi-Impact reflectors improve visibility and Pinch. Guard buckle allows for no-pinch buckling. Extended rear coverage provides extra protection. Fits head sizes: 19-20 1/2.

  • The Cars Kids Helmet is a great bet for boys in that 2-4 year age range, especially if they’re not interested in wearing helmets. The fact that Lightning McQueen is on the helmet will be enough for most kids to want to put the helmet on.

    Note that this Cars helmet lists for sizes 18.5in to 20in (47-51 centimeters), and is heavier than the Giro 2 above, clocking in a 10oz, but the Cars look will completely make up for the difference. It also comes with a pair of pads for use on little knees or elbows when learning to ride.

  • The Jumpstart Blue Cars Bike Helmet is the perfect starter helmet for your child giving them the right level of safety and protection needed for them to play and learn to ride. Manufactured by a leader in safety equipment for cycling, it's a good purchase as well as bright, bold and easily spotted when out and about on a riding adventure.

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