Thomas and Friends - Calling All Engines!

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Calling All Engines! is a feature-length Thomas& Friends special. It was distributed by HiT...

Thomas & Friends: Calling All Engines!

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  • Parents need to know that Thomas and Friends: Calling All Engines! is an animated train adventure heavily targeted at little boys. It features largely male characters, and focuses on engines, fuel, construction work, and other stereotypically masculine pursuits. But its messages of community, hard work, and cooperation are gender neutral.

    Calling all engines! is a feature-length thomas& friends special. it was distributed by hit. Calling all engines! is a 2005 direct-to-video special and a spinoff of the tv series, thomas & friends. the film was co-produced by hit entertainment and was. Calling all engines! was produced in 2005 as part of the brand’s 60 th anniversary, and marked.

  • My youngest grandson is suddenly in his "TRAIN" phase. He can't play with his train set now unless there is a DVD in the background. I have started buying some Thomas things on EBay for him. He really loves the DVD's but most only run 37 minutes and are the TV episodes spliced together. So, I constantly hear "Grandma it's over!!". After researching alittle I found out there have actually been thomas "movie" length ones made. This "Calling All Engines" was one. He likes this DVD better even though it is older and doesn't have the new animation.

    Edward was the first character to appear in the railway series by the rev. w. awdry, he is the oldest engine on the fat controller's railway and is part of the. Two calling all engines! segments. taken from the santa's little engine us dvd voices kerry shale as sir topham hatt thomas & friends is owned and.

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  • Language Name Meaning
    Spanish ¡Llamando a todas las locomotoras! Calling All Engines!
    Dutch Attentie, alle Treinen! Attention, all Trains!
    Norwegian Kaller alle lokomotiver! Calling All Engines!
    Japanese みんなあつまれ!しゅっぱつしんこう Everyone Gather, All Aboard-Full Speed Ahead
    Italian Sono tutte Locomotive! They Are All Locomotives!
    Finnish Kaikki Veturit Töihin! All Engines Work!
    Polish Jak Lokomotywy Uratowaly Lotnisko As Locomotives Saved the Airport
    German Alle Loks im Einsatz! All Locomotives in Use
    Russian На всех парах! At Full Speed!
    Romanian Cu Toată Viteza Înainte! Full Speed Ahead!
    Hungarian Teljes gőzzel előre! Full Speed Ahead!
    Danish For Fuld Damp! For Full Steam!
    Swedish Ta i sä det ryker! If It's Full Smokes!
    Slovak Výzva pre všetky lokomotívy Calling All Engines
    Greek Μηχανές ενωθείτε United Machines
    Thai ตอน รวมพลังเหล่าหัวรถจักร The Combined Force of These Engines
    Portuguese Chamando Todos As Locomotivas! Calling All the Engines!

    SteamTeam quizzes Calico about the 2005 Thomas & Friends special Calling All Engines!

    Play along at home by watching the special first. If you want to make it harder for yourself, don't watch the movie and see how much you can recall from memory.

    Written and Presented by SteamTeam with CalicoBonEsterphon

    Thomas & Friends is owned by and copyright of HiT Entertainment Limited.

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This is extremely family-friendly fare and offers some realistically kid-like challenges -- sharing, working together, and working out your differences. Thomas and Friends are classic boy-centric tales of trains and their adventures in the English countryside. Calling All Engines! offers adventure and problem-solving, folded in with solid messages about cooperation, teamwork, and the idea that everyone's part is important to the whole.