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Calico Critter Cozy Cottage

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  • One of the newest families to Cloverleaf Corner, the Calico Critters Outback Koala Family is also the most eco-friendly family there as well! Helping to teach all the other critters about environmental awareness, Bruce and Sheila are the parents of this adorable brood. To round out this eco-friendly family, this playful set includes sister Adelaide and little brother Joey that fits onto his mama's back in a little carrier. All of the members of this koala family feature removable clothing and parts that move, and they are a great addition to any collection!

    I was looking over the tonight and noticed we had a few requests for deals on Calico Critters. These adorable sets don’t drop much in price, but we were able to track down some deals at Toys R Us and Target for you right now! Check these out:

  • Calico Critters has already spearked the imagination and creativity of countless children around the world over the last 25+ years. Their timeless style and simple yet realistic design allow children of all ages to immerse themselves in the Calico Critters universe.

    The Calico Critters universe can also be found online. On their website, children will discover the Cloverleaf Corners community with Bell Hopscotch Rabbit. There are short aminations and videos. Children will also find games such as ‘Spot The Changes’, ‘Find It’, puzzles, and more. There are coloring pages to print out. I love how they created wallpaper that we can print out and cut to customize and decorate the different houses. It’s a fun project for older children or something to do with the help of mom and dad.

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    This Calico Critters™ playset has over 40 pieces and accessories including bath tub with shower stand, cabinet sink with mirror, toilet, hand sink, floor tiles, toothbrushes, soaps, towels, bath toys and everything else your critters need to get squeaky clean! Calico Critters™ sold separately.

    Recommended for ages 3 and older.

    Welcome to the cute and cuddly world of Calico Critters™! These Critters are designed with remarkable attention to detail. The adorable miniature animals live in precious homes decorated with life-like furniture and accessories. Each family plays a different role in the community and they all reside in Cloverleaf Corners - a happy and peaceful place, surrounded by beautiful nature. Calico Critters™ are wholesome and realistic. Built around the traditional values of family, friends and community, they encourage little girls to use imagination and share their own experiences as they play. What's more, they are a great collectible for fans of all ages!

Calico Critters Collection : Target

This crochet pattern collection will allow you to make clothes for your Momma Calico Critters. Included is a pattern for a jumper, a dress, a headpiece, and a flower and heart embellishment. (Headpiece fits bunnies, cats, squirrels and other critters with similarly shaped heads; it does not fit the koalas or dogs, or other critters with larger heads; however, by adding some rows, one could easily customize the pattern for any critter.)