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    Like CPAP the pillows do take time adjusting too, we often recommend the CPAPMax, as it gives the user more options to adjust the pillow to their needs, and also allows more room for their CPAP aparatus.

    The classic bed pillow shape is usually a square or rectangle. In the US, they are common in these three sizes (in inches): Standard (20×26 inches), Queen (20×30 inches), and King (20×36 inches). In the US, a less common size is Jumbo (20×28 inches), which is larger than the Standard Size but smaller than the Queen Size.

  • The opening/closure of pillow cases ranges from the straightforward "bag style" common in the United States to the "housewife style" more common in Europe, with a pocket inside the open end to fully contain the pillow.[]

    A pillow is designed to provide support and comfort to the body and head. There are three main types of pillows; bed pillows, and decorative pillows, with some overlapping of use between these. The appropriate size of a bed pillow depends on the size of the bed. In general a twin bed goes best with a standard pillow while for queen and king sized beds larger pillows are recommended.

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    The fill is surrounded with a cover or shell made of , such as , known as the pillow case or pillow slip. Some pillows have a fancier cover called a which is closed on all sides and usually has a slit in the back through which the pillow is placed. Rectangular standard bed pillow cases usually do not have zippers, but instead have one side open all the time, however, a zippered pillow protector is often placed around standard pillows with the case in turn covering the protector. It is recommended that all types of pillow covers be periodically since they are the part that is in contact with a person's body. But even with regular washing, pillows tend to accumulate and among the fill and it is recommended[] that they be replaced every few years, especially for those with .

The contoured CPAP Pillow also:

Decorative pillows are also found on furnishings in more public parts of the home, such as sofas, chairs and window seats. Here, their common use may overlap both orthopedic and bed pillows. For example, unless a person has some particular medical condition, they will likely use a handy decorative pillow for lumbar support, as needed, while seated on a sofa. Likewise, for the occasional nap, decorative pillows are handy for supporting the head or neck, even though they may not be covered with a pillow case, as are bed pillows.