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Allergy: Sometimes a buttock rash can be due to an allergic reaction.

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  • Babies are more prone to buttock rash. This is because small babies wear diapers all day long, so friction exists around the inner thigh areas, and between the buttocks and the diaper. Moreover, due to the presence of urine, stools and detergent residue in baby wipes, diapers turns moist. Thus, leads to the problem of rashes. Kids who have a family history of skin allergies may suffer from diaper rashes unless out of the diaper phase. Unfortunately, small babies and kids cannot be vocal about the problem, hence, it is important we diagnose it ourselves and treat it.

    Some of the commonly occurring conditions that can result in buttock rash are listed below. None of them have buttock rash as the "classical" presenting feature. However, the rash associated with these conditions may occur in the buttocks region also.

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    Tips To Cure Butt Acne:

    Contact dermatitis (skin inflammation) is caused by an adverse reaction to something that touches the skin, including chemicals found in detergent, soap or a fragrance. For example, you may develop a rash on your buttock when you wear pants or underwear that was washed with a particular detergent or treated with a chemical. Cleaning chemicals used on toilet seats may be another cause of buttock rash.

  • Rash is a symptom that causes the affected area of skin to turn red and blotchy, and to swell. A rash may cause spots that are bumpy, scaly, flaky, or filled with pus. Rashes can vary in location, pattern and extent and may occur in any area of the body. A buttock rash can have a variety of causes, and it may indicate something occurring around the buttock itself or suggest a systemic (body-wide) condition.

Butt rashes usually occur when a toddler wears diapers all the time

If your baby suffers repeatedly from butt rash, try and change the brand of diaper, and see if it makes any difference. You could also try cloth diapers. It would be a good idea to leave baby without diapers for some part of the day. This is especially so when baby is having a particularly bad attack of butt rash. Leaving the area open will help the skin to breathe and dry up the infection. Change diapers frequently, and in between changes, wash with warm water and mild soap. In case you prefer to use wipes, use unscented ones, so that there is no allergic reaction. Let the area dry completely before you put on a fresh diaper.