A bubula isn’t that far off the Atkins – it’s mostly eggs 🙂

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  • Even after the acquisition of Ms Bubula’s medical records, there was no further investigation into whether or not a sexual assault had taken place.

    After the assault and Ms Bubula’s discharge from hospital, there was no effort to investigate untilher landlord contacted gardaí to ask what was happening.

  • Andrea Bubula teaches the core course Economic Analysis for International Affairs. His expertise is in applied open-economy macroeconomics and finance.

    PJ McEvoy, a former general secretary and former president of the Prison Officers’ Association, has represented Ms Bubula since becoming familiar with her story.

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    The next day, he became verbally abusive. Ms Bubula said he locked her in his apartment and refused to let her leave before putting her through an ordeal of violence and sexual assault that lasted a number of hours.

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A bubula (like the Yiddish word that is a term of endearment) is a matzo meal and egg based pancake. You could probably categorize it as an omelet too but it really ends up looking more like one of those puffy apple pancakes. And for me, the taste evokes only happy memories of my Grandma with her thick glasses, denture-filled smile, and short, stubby hands that worked challah dough like only a grandma can. I hadn’t eaten a bubula or attempted to cook one in years. So I emailed my mom, who didn’t learn to cook any of my grandma’s other baked goods, but has turned out a few good bubula’s over the years. And she actually emailed me back a rough recipe. Thanks mom!