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Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine

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  • From this distance, it’s easy to laugh at Beanie Baby fever, to mock it as just another pointless fad in a chintzy, hollow decade. But in the latter part of the 1990s, Beanie Babies were so much more than a fad: They were a mania, an obsession that ensnared not just gullible children but also otherwise responsible adults who lost all sense of perspective over these plush playthings. People sold—and bought—some rare Beanie Babies for $5,000 each and expected others to within a decade. (Collectors were careful to keep each toy’s tag attached and protected by a plastic case; a Beanie Baby’s worth was said to fall by 50 percent once the tag was removed.) Looking back, it’s clear that the Beanie Baby craze was an economic bubble, fueled by frenzied speculation and blatantly baseless optimism. Bubbles are quite common, but bubbles over toys are not. Why did America lose its mind over stuffed animals?

    WOODLAND HILLS, CA - March 29, 2004 - The classical, magical play of bubbles... just got a Gazillion times cooler! In time for the bubble blowing season, Funrise Toys introduces Gazillion® Bubbles - an effervescent line of bubble toys bursting with a one-of-a-kind bubble solution and great bubble blowing accessories. When it comes to summer fun... Gazillion Bubbles floats high above the competition.

  • Bubbles for kids are so much more than a single wand dipped into a small container of solution! These are the best bubble toys, and include fun wands, bubble machines, bubble blasters and even bubbles kids can eat!

    We are proud to say that here at ActiveDogToys we have the largest selection of dog bubbles and dog bubble toys out of any other retailer! In fact, we think dogs and bubbles are such a great combination that we decided to manufacturer our own line of dog bubble products: Bubbletastic. The Bubbletastic bacon bubble machine blows out a windstorm of bacon bubbles for your dog to enjoy and Bubbletastic bacon bubble refills are perfect for refilling any dog bubble machine or dog bubble blower.

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  • Funrise has elevated the world of bubbles with the award winning One and Only, Gazillion® Bubbles, an effervescent line of bubble toys bursting with a one-of-a-kind bubble solution and great bubble blowing accessories. The success behind Gazillion Bubbles is its ‘top secret’ solution that enables the bubbles to float higher, longer and reflect light around them. The result? Gazillions of colorful bubbles – more bubbles than any other solution on the market. Every bottle of Gazillion Bubbles solution provides hours of enchanting, colorful bubble play! Kids will love blowing Gazillion Bubbles and parents will too since the non-toxic bubble solution won’t stain their clothing or the furniture.

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