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BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seat

BubbleBum Inflatable Booster Seat, Black/Silver

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  • On our recent trip to India, I discovered my new favorite travel accessory for my son – the BubbleBum Inflatable Booster Seat. I bought this not so we would have a car seat in India, but so that we could take Uber to the airport and save a ton of money on parking and taxis. We have recently discovered that with the addition of Uber and Lyft in Los Angeles, we can now get to the airport for half the price as a taxi. The only problem is that when we are traveling somewhere where we do not need our son’s carseat, we cannot take Uber or Lyft. Thus, began my hunt to find a suitable travel friendly replacement that would allow us back into Uber with our son.

    Parents can trust BubbleBum to keep their most precious cargo safe in the event of an automobile accident. After all, BubbleBum was created by fellow parent Grainne Kelly, as a solution to her own struggles while lugging heavy booster seats during her travels with her kiddos. She later became a certified child passenger safety technician and now BubbleBum is leading the way in ensuring that EVERY child has a safe and comfortable booster seat on EVERY car ride. The BubbleBum Inflatable Booster Seat is readily available at Walmart and Target for only $29.99!

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    There is nothing worse than the annoyance of dealing with booster seats in the car. This is a genius invention for families on the go. Great for travel, planes, taxis, car rentals or daily use. Deflates & folds small enough to fit in purse! Comes in different colors for different kids. $30

    BubbleBum inflatable car booster seat meets and exceeds all Europe and U.S. safety regulations, even in the deflated state. The air-filled design provides extra comfort compared to flat booster seat alternatives and BubbleBum booster seats utilize memory foam technology to help create stability and structural integrity in the seat with side positioners to correctly position the lap belt.

  • Designed for kids aged 4-11, the BubbleBum Inflatable Booster Seat is a top choice for parents since it gives kids the perfect “boost” to keep them safe while riding in the car. The Bubble Bum booster will give your child a little lift to properly position the seat belt over the boney parts of the hips (and away from their abdomen to prevent organ injury in the event of a crash) and will help them to prevent slouching (which is more likely to happen with flat car booster seats).

BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seat

The BubbleBum Inflatable Booster Seat is an ultra-portable, lightweight, compact backless booster. Deflated, it stores in its own travel bag that you can toss into your backpack or have your child carry on his or her own. Inflated, it easily and quickly installs in any backseat (including rental cars, taxis, and in between two other carseats), providing a safe and comfortable ride.