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  • Boys LOVE play kitchens (and even) as much as any girl. I've worked in preschools/day cares and it was a rare boy that didn't spend some time in that area. Oh, and my boys 5 and 2 love theirs as well.

    Tell them to get a life. Role playing and imaginary playing is good . It's not going to make them gay to play with a kitchen, have a baby doll or even take dance classes. My son loves his, cooks me meals, pretends to do dishes. We got one of the little tikes ones that makes sounds when they are cooking. The only men that are concerned about their boys playing with kitchens are the ones that are not completely secure of themselves.

  • My first thought was- are they serious!!!!
    I believe (and have been in classes where we have been told (uwm- sociology and psychology!)) that it is for all boys to play with kitchens, babies, doll houses, clothes, purses- WHO CARES!! They need to learn to be gentle, there is no evidence that he will be gay if that is what they are worried about! AND he's having fun! Why are gender roles so important?! More importantly why are we forcing our children into the stereotypical gender roles. If my son is a fabulous chef who helps me around the house when he's a I will be thrilled!
    More down to earth- it's completely normal- just about all day care centers have them along with dolls etc. and if your son likes it I think it is a great gift. My 20 mo old has played with it since I can remember and it is a favorite toy of the 6yr old I watch after . It will grow with him- you can spice it up if he gets bored with new pots or or gadgets.
    Good Luck

    I think it's a great idea to get him a kitchen set. I wouldn't hesitate to get one for my son, who is close to your son's age. In fact, what's wrong with encouraging a boy to play with kitchen items? It's 2007 - surely we're beyond thinking cooking is only for women??? :)

  • Actually, I know that it is very good for boys to play with kitchen sets, dolls, etc. I have a clint who is a child psychologist and I asked her about my three year old because he loves high heels, purses, headbands, you name it! He even has a pink bike that is a hand me down. She said let him do it and be as creative as he wants. It is a sign of intelligence and is perfectly normal. And for 17 months old, that is not old enough to make a judgement about anything. He is just creative! Does he still like his cars, trucks, etc? If so, that will be a relief to your husband and tell him not to be mortified.

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I don't believe there is such a thing as boy and girl toys at this young age. My son is 3 and loves playing with my daughters kitchen set and also her dolls and her doll house with her. A little boy I used to tend loved playing dress up with all the other kids. Your mom and hubby are obviously very old fashioned. There is nothing wrong with boys playing with kitchen sets or girls playing with trucks.
Does your husband ever cook? Does your mom take out the trash?