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Lewo Classic Colorful Wooden Tumbling Tower Blocks Drinking Game - 48 pieces

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  • TAG : Block Tower, 2004, watercolor on cotton Khadi paper, 9" x 11"
  • Block Tower+
    Block Tower+ is DDGame is public the latest game, we have developed Check1010+、Hex Beehive and other popular games.
    2016 swept the global elimination puzzle game, like all good puzzle game, Block Tower+ in a short time and long time in leisure interest are outstanding.
    The protagonist of this game is the top of the tower of the hexagonal, as long as the hexagon does not fall off the tower, your life will continue.

    Game essence
    1 click on the bricks to eliminate the score, pay attention to maintain a good hexagonal position, do not let it fall down the tower
    2 collection of stars, stars can unlock more not the same as the hexagonal, there are surprises oh
    3 the game has two modes, one is the endless mode, a challenge mode
    4 The challenge mode, as long as the collected three stars can pass
    5 enjoy the destruction of the tower bar

    Recommended reason
    1 new rules of the game, the player is easy to get started
    2 flat design, give you a different visual experience
    3 The checkpoint checkpoints, infinite skills
    4 no limit mode, guard hexagonal, destroy the tower
    5 a play on the stop can not stop the hand travel
    6 collect stars, unlock more hexagonal

    Snake Block Tower, or Soda Jungle-, is the of in . This level is unlocked via completion of or . Beating the in this course unlocks a passage to .

  • Language Name Meaning
    Japanese おおきなスネークブロックのとりで
    Ookina Sunēku Burokku no Toride
    Large Snake Block Fortress
    Spanish Torre Serpenteante Winding Tower
    French Tour des blocs serpent Tower of snake blocks
    German Schlangenblockturm Snake Block Tower

  • Level
    Snake Block Tower
    World-Level World 5-
    World Soda Jungle
    Game New Super Mario Bros. U
    Time Limit 500 seconds
    Boss Boom Boom
    Notes This Tower features a giant Snake Block.
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