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  • That’s because every BlazeFire investigator is a Certified Fire Investigator (CFI) and/or Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI) with years of experience and specialized skill in determining fire . Additionally, BlazeFire fire investigators continually participate in on-going educational training to remain at the forefront of an ever-changing industry.

    What’s more, our fire investigators have access to forensic electrical engineers through our relationship with our sister company, Anderson Engineering. Insurance adjustors, manufacturers and attorneys all benefit from this affiliation and the additional assistance our investigators receive in assessing potential electrical issues associated with a fire origin and cause investigation. In fact, for most clients this is what makes BlazeFire the one and only resource they’ll ever need for fire investigation.

  • Operating with the highest degree of integrity and ethical standards, BlazeFire has the experience, expertise and resources to thoroughly investigate any kind of fire or explosion incident quickly, decisively and cost-effectively.

    Whether it’s a small kitchen fire or an inferno at a manufacturing plant, when everything is riding on the truth, you can count on BlazeFire’s certified fire investigators for answers you can trust.

  • Blazes are considerably difficult mobs to fight, due to their ranged attacks and rapid rate of fire. Their ability to fly usually leaves the player's sword useless, while charging a bow leaves the player vulnerable. Their flight also can make it tricky to collect their loot. One response is to use a fishing rod to reel them in, another is to run behind a corner and ambush them once they get close, or place blocks to take cover between attacks as they advance. However, as of 1.9 and the addition of shields, you can block blaze fireballs and take no damage or knock back while using your shield and facing the blaze. If surrounded, however, it is difficult even with a shield as the blazes can shoot from different angles, nullifying the shield.

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Blazes shoot fireballs at their target, which dealing on all difficulty levels. If the fireball hits a block will be placed adjacent. If it hits an entity, the entity will take of fire/projectile damage and will be set on fire for 5 seconds, which typically does an additional damage over time.