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  • Overall- 10/10 Black Ops DS will not disappoint you, and hopefully this year's DS CoD (if there will be one) will improve some of the minor problems I had. Other than that, enjoy!

    Multiplayer- 10/10 Black Ops DS features much more customization than previous titles, allowing the player to choose two weapons and two perks. Some weapons now feature attachments, which is neat although limited. Don't be so eager to play over Wi-Fi, because its a wasteland of campers and noobs who use Action Replay. Other than that gripe, multiplayer is extremely enjoyable.

  • Story- 7/10 If you have happened to play any past installments of Call of Duty on the DS, you will notice that n-Space isn't the best at creating storylines. Not that this is a problem, but it's nice to have some sense of suspense in a game. Black Ops DS has a decent storyline, though, that is enough to give the game some structure, but I hope that future DS installments will have better ones.

    IGN: So, Call of Duty: Black Ops for DS. This isn't getting a spin-off brand like last year's Call of Duty: Mobilized? Does that mean a similar console experience on the handheld?

    Call of Duty: Petit Black Ops Zombies DS (Name not Done)

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    Genre(s): Action, Adventure
    Contributor(s): NintendoBossMaster27, calc84maniac, Sonnyb123
    Release Date: January 21, 2014
    Development Status: Back to working on this
    Version: Beta 1.5
    Size: 3616 PetitBytes or whatever
    Mode(s): Single-Player
    Language(s): English

  • Call of duty: black ops ds detailed - Today activision has released new details about the nintendo ds version of call of duty: black ops that will be developed by n-space. the team has produced the ds versions of cod 4, world at war, and modern warfare: mobilized. "call of duty: black ops for.

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Call of duty: black ops ds hands-on, When compared to the next-generation consoles, the cacophony of war may not sound quite the same on the nintendo ds, but developer n-space has worked on several portable call of duty games to get an idea of how to translate a first-person military shooter.