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Enhance your bird watching experience with this bird feeder kit.

Toysmith Build A Bird Feeder Kit

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    Making bird feeders is such a fun activity to do with the kids, and a great way to show our love and appreciation for our feathered friends. These easy bird feeder kits are very frugal to make, and they are sure to bring lots of smiles! I love how such simple materials can make kids so happy!! Who wouldn’t want to receive a little package in the mail like this? Here is everything you need to know for making a bird feeder kit for an easy handmade gift.

  • Of course we have to do a birdfeeder kids kit too! To keep costs down, I again designed this plan from a cedar fence picket - which run about $2 up here in Alaska. If you don't have cedar fence pickets, you can use any 1x6 board - but you'll need to make a few adjustments as noted in the plan because 1x6s are 3/4" thick while cedar fence pickets are normally 1/2" thick.

    3. Use paper and markers to create a “Make a Bird Feeder Kit” sign. If desired, use washi tape to attach the sign to the inside of the shipping box. (You may want to add a bit more packing tape to the ends to secure it in place.)

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  • Songbird Essentials Bird Feeder Kit (SERUBEKKBF) is a complete pack that allows you to build an Eco-friendly bird feeder for your beloved birds. This is a great activity for families, especially with children. This awesome pack comes with stickers so kids can decorate it themselves. It also includes an Audobon bird that will help kids learn bird sounds. It has a simple design which is easy to assemble and it's guaranteed to last for a long time. Get one now and enjoy watching birds while they eat.

Belle Fleur Bird Feeder Pole Kit (9) Sold by Kmart

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