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Big Splash Water Park. Most popular place to go in the Summer.

Big Splash Water Park

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  • We had been sitting in the car for hours. It was a long, gloomy ride. Kid #1 couldn’t believe his great good luck. “Mom, are we staying HERE?” I think he may have danced and sang all the way into the building because he was so psyched!Who knew our room at Big Splash Indoor Water Park would be so comfortable? I was expecting more “kid-friendly” and less decorative type things. Boy was I wrong. Extra-long decorative pillows, a comfortable mattress, and nice, neutral colors lent a relaxing feel to the room. The kids really liked playing with the giant pillows!

    Host your next birthday party in a tropical paradise, no matter the season! Book the entire Big Splash waterpark on Sundays and Thursdays from 4:00 - 9:00 p.m. for a unique spin on birthday fun.

  • ANTHEM – Get ready to make a splash this summer! The Big Splash Water Park at the Anthem Community Center will be open for full summer hours starting on Saturday, May 28.

    The Big Splash Water Park is a tobacco-free zone, though. They strictly implement that no smoking is allowed within the site?s gates, so smokers may need to watch their habits. The management has a lengthy explanation regarding this, and many other topics, on their website.

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    The Big Splash Water Park is best known for the gigantic red bucket that pours out over 200 gallons of water every four minutes. The water park also features two water slides, a play structure, and plenty of room for playing in the water.

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A sure sign that Big Splash Water Park has opened is the increased traffic in the 21st and Yale intersection. Not traffic driving to Big Splash, but traffic from gawkers trying to catch someone in their bathing suit.