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A battleship was a type of  designed for combat.

Battleship Game

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  • The "fleet in being" suggested battleships could simply by their existence tie down superior enemy resources. This in turn was believed to be able to tip the balance of a conflict even without a battle. This suggested even for inferior naval powers a battleship fleet could have important strategic impact.

    Mahan was highly influential in naval and political circles throughout the age of the battleship, calling for a large fleet of the most powerful battleships possible. Mahan's work developed in the late 1880s, and by the end of the 1890s it had a massive[] international impact, in the end adopted by many major navies (notably the British, American, German, and Japanese). The strength of Mahanian opinion was important in the development of the battleships arms races, and equally important in the agreement of the Powers to limit battleship numbers in the interwar era.

  • Mahan went on to say victory could only be achieved by engagements between battleships, which came to be known as the doctrine in some navies, while targeting merchant ships ( or , as posited by the ) could never succeed.

    Battleships were the embodiment of . For and his followers, a strong navy was vital to the success of a nation, and control of the seas was vital for the projection of force on land and overseas. Mahan's theory, proposed in of 1890, dictated the role of the battleship was to sweep the enemy from the seas. While the work of escorting, , and raiding might be done by or smaller vessels, the presence of the battleship was a potential threat to any convoy escorted by any vessels other than capital ships. This concept of "potential threat" can be further generalized to the mere existence (as opposed to presence) of a powerful fleet tying the opposing fleet down. This concept came to be known as a "" – an idle yet mighty fleet forcing others to spend time, resource and effort to actively guard against it.

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    Battleship wallpapers

    The only other 20th-century battleship on display is the Japanese pre-dreadnought . A replica of the was built by the Weihai Port Bureau in 2003 and is on display in , .

The release date of Battleship is set for May 18, 2012. :)

Battleship is primarily a guessing game, witheach player trying to figure out the location of the other'swarships and shoot them down. The first thing the player must do inthe game is arrange all five ships in places the enemy (thecomputer) is unlikely to shoot. The mouse is used to arrange theships; clicking once on the four-arrow move icon picks the ship up,and clicking again puts it down. Clicking on the rotate iconrotates the ships. Once the player's ships are arranged, the playerand the enemy take turns shooting at each other's grids. The firstplayer to shoot down all five of the other's warships wins thegame.