2. What is the age limit for the Ballpits & other play equipment?

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  • Ballpits require fairly flat & even surface to be installed. Your surface cannot be very bumpy or rough as our panels interlock & if the surface is to rough they will not connect correctly or safely. It is recommended you have freshly mowed grass or concreted (preferred) surface allocated for the installation. Surfaces need to be fairly clean. We will not set up ballpits on dirt, mud, sand or gravel.

    All our equipment complies with the Australian safety standards is of high grade non-toxic plastic.
    Bubbalicious Ballpits balls are commercial grade which makes our balls extremely durable and safe for all babies & toddlers.
    Our ballpits are fully enclosed & are installed with thick floor mating.

  • We recommend that there is some type of shelter to protect the children from inclement or hot weather. Bubbalicious Ballpits offer gazebos for hire for your convenience.
    Garages, carports or any internal space is recommended on wet, windy or hot days & we remind you not to forget the sunscreen!

    Available ballpit sizes are listed within our products section & vary depending on the size you choose to hire. Unlike castles there is no movement in our Ballpits so we only require the space of the Ballpit itself.

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    Age Appropriate 2-5 Years

    In an effort to make our ballparks more baby friendly we are committed to equipping each of the 30 MLB stadiums with state of the art play areas. These play areas will include a number of different facets to make things at the ballpark more enjoyable for the younger fans that love the game but aren’t necessary able to stay in their seat for all 9 innings of the action. These play rooms will come with a number of different features. These features include:

bounce houses & ball pits, outdoor toys : Target

Each play are will also contain its own ball pit with a little twist. All the ballpark all the balls in the ball pit will look just like real baseballs!