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  • The baby white lions were born in a zoo in Crimea recently and although they can hardly walk or stay awake, they are quite adept at stealing hearts. We let out an “awwwwww” for you in advance.

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  • Baby Animals: Baby Lion Cub, Tiger Cub & Hyena Cub Friends Baby Animal Cub Cuteness

    FIVE of nature's most fearful animals have formed a bond - after the baby animals were abandoned by their mums. The baby animals - three lions cubs, a tiger cub, and a spotted hyena cub are having a roaring good time at the Akwaaba Lodge in Rustenburg, South Africa, where all the baby animals live under one roof.

    The owner of the four- star hotel, Layla Cajee, has raised the lion cubs, tiger cub and hyena cub from birth. Bella the baby tiger, five months, is the leader of the pack, while the three baby lions, Delano, Romeo and Maximus, also five months, prefer a paws and a nap. Meanwhile the eldest baby animal - Milika the hyena, six months - is the most mischievous in the motley crew of animal babies. The animals share the same living enclosures and even share meal times together. But these cute cuddly animals will transform into predators in two year's time - so the baby tiger cub, the baby lion cubs and the baby hyena cub will be split up and live in separate enclosures.

    Director / Videographer - Ruaridh Connellan
    Producer - James Tegerdine
    Editors: Joshua Douglas / Ian Phillips

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    Before watching these beautiful photos of lion cubs do not forget to appreciate the great photographers who did all this effort to take these stunning photographs. Its not a small task to capture the photo of a lion. Lions are the strongest of all animals. They are the king of forest, ferocious, magnificent and full of charm at the same time. Nature photographers and wildlife photographers are always at a run at capturing amazing lion photos and if they get lucky they can capture such great beauty of these little munchkins, yes we are talking about baby lions or lion cubs here. You cannot imagine how playful they are. Its a joy to see cute lion cubs as they are the offspring of one of the mightiest of all animals, yet they are as baby like as any other animal of their age. Beware if you want to take photos of lion cubs as lions are very possessive of their babies. Well, who isn’t? 🙂

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    It is not the first time this zoo in China has given baby lions and tigers to a surrogate dog mother to look after, they did the same thing in December last year with two Siberian tiger cubs

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Greatest place ever. Holding baby lions and tigers makes anything great! We got to hold two baby lions, three baby tigers, a baby lynx, a baby opossum, a baby skunk, and more! I wish I lived in Bandon so I could go here every day! Loved the roaming goats, reindeer, and, sheep too! Where else could you hold all these animals? Must go!