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Joel Bleifuss follows babies through history.

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  • Your baby can’t tell you when he’s having trouble pooping. So it’s easy for parents to misunderstand constipation and how it affects their little ones. But a few basic facts about your baby’s digestion can help you keep things in perspective.

    A spokesperson said that the use of stock imagery was due to Beau’s young age when she created the website. And they said the use of stock images for the examples of babies named through the website were used in order to “stimulate a response for customers.”

  • “220,000 names in six months, that’s 30,000-plus per month, and 1,000-plus a day. Working 24 hours without stopping to eat or sleep, that’d be 50 an hour, which averages to naming one baby per minute. So efficient.”

    Because breast milk is so nutritious, sometimes a baby’s body absorbs almost all of it, leaving little to move through the digestive tract. Your baby may poop only once in a while -- it’s perfectly normal for breastfed infants to have a bowel movement once a week.

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  • If Jessup has made £48,000 in total since the domain name was registered in February 2015, then that means that the teenager’s site would have to had to generate 167 baby names a day, seven days a week.

Awesome snaps luv all the babys God Bless u Buddys

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