The Aquadoodle Travel Drawing Bag is great for no mess drawing on the go!

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  • How does your child create art with water? It’s pretty simple. The AquaDoodle Travel Go ‘N Doodle comes with an attached Magic Water Pen. The cord holding the Magic Water Pen onto the AquaDoodle Travel Go ‘N Doodle is long enough to allow your child freedom of motion with the pen but not so long as to get knotted and twisted.

    That was my first thought when my daughter opened up this gift from my cousin. I have never, ever seen an AquaDoodle toy before. Heck, I’ve never even heard of AquaDoodle Travel Go ‘N Doodle before. That being said, my cousin has a knack for picking just-right gifts–educational but yet full of fun.

  • So you’re wondering how a wet pen makes art? The drawing surface of the AquaDoodle Travel Go ‘N Doodle is made of a light blue linen that, when it gets wet, turns dark blue. This allows your child to draw any picture that their little heart may desire.

    To ‘erase’ the AquaDoodle Travel Go ‘N Doodle you simple let nature do what nature does–evaporate water. When the picture dries (and it doesn’t take long) the surface is ready for a new masterpiece.

  • The AquaDoodle Travel Go ‘N Doodle is just the right size for traveling. It’s about 14 inches wide, at it’s widest point, and 12 inches tall. This makes it the ideal size to sit on a child’s lap in the car, on a plane, or anywhere else where quarters are tight and entertainment is needed.

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My daughter loves her AquaDoodle Travel Go ‘N Doodle. As a mother, I must say that I am loving it also. It’s great for her creative, expressive side and just as good for my “oh how I hate cleaning up messy art projects” side.