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Ja-Ru Magic Grow Capsules, Styles May Vary, 1-pack (12 Pieces)

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  • News Corner!

    • The Giraffe is now available for all Jammers!
    • The Head Feathers is the latest accessory to arrive in the Diamond Shop.
    • To celebrate National Honeybee Day, the Pet Honeybee has returned to Jamaa for all Jammers!
    • The Battle for the Beacon adventure has returned to Jamaa for a second year!
    • Jammers can now trade their Pets!
    • The Arctic Fox is now traveling and can no longer be purchased!
    • The Rhinoceros will be returning to Jamaa soon!
    • There are new adventures: The Hidden Falls and Proving Grounds!
    • The Jammer Wall feature has been updated so that players can customize them with their Masterpieces!
    • The Schoolhouse Party has returned to Jamaa!
    • The Wind Armor Set has returned to the Diamond Shop!
    • The Kangaroo has returned to Jamaa in the Diamond Shop.
    • The Sloth can be purchased at the Diamond Shop.
    • The Pet Hummingbird has returned to Jamaa in the Diamond Shop.
    • The Princess Outfit can be found in the Diamond Shop.
    • There is a new setting for Dens to show or hide Jammer icons.
    • Jammers can get their very own Pet Meerkat when they redeem an Animal Jam Retail Gift Card!

    This week's Rare Item Monday will make Jamaa winter even more special. Also, a new code for 2015 is now available! According to Daily Explorer, Animal Jam's official blog page, Rare Item Monday is currently featuring the Rare Deer Antler, as requested by

look up animal jam 2, ya cannot miss it

This app is grate love everything it's just like animal jam I love so much I like all the updates it's just sometimes it will turn off the app if you have no internet but everything about it is perfect it is all like jamaa but in the beta version so if you didn't play in the beta on animal jam now you can the app is perfect :D