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  • The right toys can help your baby achieve such as rolling over, crawling, walking, talking, etc. This article has detailed information on how to select age appropriate toys for babies from birth to 2 years. Read on to find interesting insights on how to buy toys that are best suited for your baby’s age.

    Toys not only provide great entertainment for babies, but also facilitate their mental growth and encourage development of motor skills. Age appropriate toys can also foster your baby’s social, emotional and problem solving skills. By actively engaging in making your baby play with his toys, you are also building a strong connect between you and your baby.

  • Toys are an inherent part of children’s development. You surely must have noticed a small box at the toy carton specifying it’s age-wise suitability such as etc. This is because toys have been built according to the average motor and cognitive development of babies. Now if you will nicely set up engines and start a moving train for a merely 2 month old baby, he is not going to enjoy it. Chances are he may just glance over it casually and look elsewhere. At this stage, he is unable to concentrate and would rather focus on something that he can hold in his hands or mouth. Play is an inherent part of a child’s mental, social and physical development, and also needs to be stimulating and safe for the child. Parents should ensure that their children are given age appropriate toys to play with, to hone their skills and aid in their motor and cognitive skills development.

    Narrow the Search – The returned search results may be too plentiful to scour through to pick out a relevant toy for your needs. It is possible to narrow the results down by an educational area such as ‘Science/Nature’ or ‘Reading/Writing’ or pick out a certain theme that might interest the child such as Toy Story learning toys. It is also possible to bring up the toys relevant for certain age levels which can help with buying age appropriate learning toys.

  • Choosing the right toy is essential in determining if it will become a cherished item or if it will sit on a shelf and gather dust. The last thing you want to do is buy a toy that never gets any play. Age appropriate toys are toys that are specifically geared to the developmental stage of the child, corresponding in age and readiness. Children use their imagination and creativity best when they’re playing with an age appropriate toy, because it stimulates their interest and engages their specific developmental level.

Mom- the Diva: Kids Corner- Age Appropriate Toys for Birth-3 Months

Children enjoy toys that they can master and that are right for their particular stage of development. Here are some suggestions for the types of toys kids benefit from most as they go through different stages and how to choose age appropriate toys: