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The typical 50s Diner Interior, a cultural and culinary phenomenon

50s diner

LexMod Two 50's Diner Bar Stools in White

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  • Davie’s Chuck Wagon Diner features 50s diner tables with table top jukeboxes that play music from Country to Rock n’ Roll. The menu offers 50s diner favorites such as burgers, Chuckwagon steaks, sundaes and root beer floats.

    Today we are inputting into our DeLorean’s clock the 1950s decade and visiting five authentic 50s diners in and around Denver, that are still around today!

  • Rosie’s Diner offers guests the charm of the 50s with diner booths, and jukebox at each booth that plays two tunes for the price of a quarter. The menu includes all-day breakfast and old fashioned handmade milkshakes and malts.

    The diner's cultural influence continues today. Many non-prefab restaurants (including franchises like ) have copied the look of 1950s diners for appeal, while uses an interior layout derived from the diner.

  • Named in the top 5 vegan food trucks in the US in 2015, Shimmy Shack has made a name for itself as the first and only all-vegan fast food concept in Michigan. Playing off a 50s style diner, the menu features "cheeseburgers" (made with black bean and rice and topped with guacamole and salsa), "chili" fries, and non-dairy (but no less delicious) shakes.

50s Diner Decor The fifties diner decor.

Here’s Nick Jonas in a v-striped Louis Vuitton jacket. Nick performed “Bacon,” featuring a pre-recorded detour through a 50s diner . It was a fun performance.